Why Full-Service Laundromats Are A Life-Saver

Doing your laundry at home can work for you if you’re a mom or dad at home. In that case, doing dirty laundry can be a regular chore in your day. Some moms or dads may find folding laundry contemplative. They might be doing it in a quiet moment of the day, while catching up with the latest episode of their favourite Netflix show, or listening to an audiobook while the kids are in school or napping.

In these examples, you may not mind spending the time it takes to do the laundry. In other cases, there are some people for whom laundry service is not only economical, but life-saving, including busy college students, couples where both partners work outside the home, single professionals, or just someone who hates laundry work!

In this article, we have covered some of the benefits of using a full-service laundromat, which provides pick-up and delivery service. 

1. It’s Convenient  

Using a washing and folding laundry service near you is a convenient way to get your weekly laundry done without spending too much time in your own laundry room or nearby laundromats. It’s a convenient service, and most establishments even come to pick up and deliver to you. After a busy week at work or a whirlwind adventurous weekend, this kind of convenience is a lifesaver.

2. It’s Efficient 

Professional laundry services are also much more efficient at this necessary task. They use commercial size washing and drying machines that can handle more clothes in a single spin, as compared to residential machines. These commercial machines are also more powerful, drying large amounts of clothing in a fraction of the time it would take you to complete the task. 

3. It’s Cost-Effective 

When you think about how much time you could spend doing laundry at home during the week or on the weekends, you ought to consider how much your time is worth, and whether your time might be better spent on something other than laundry. Many pick-up and distribution systems are cost-effective in the grand scheme of things. And the comfort and peace of mind that the service adds to your life is priceless.

4. It’s Extremely Clean

While using laundry services, you’re probably going to get a professional cleaner. Your machines at home would typically do a decent job of washing your clothing. But professional machines are much better at getting stains off or cleaning your clothes and whites, and you’re likely to note the difference.

5. It Frees Up Your Time

You can easily free up a couple of hours during the week and accomplish other tasks by depending on a laundry service to pick up your dirty clothes and deliver them clean after, usually the next day a few days. This can help you get the much needed peace of mind and little breathing space in a life that’s extremely busy and filled with to-dos and a list of errands. After all, you don’t need to add ‘laundry’ in your life ever again! 

6. It Lets You Have A Relaxing Weekend

By using a professional laundry pickup, you’ll have more time to have fun on the weekend. You’re not going to be tied to your laundry room or neighbourhood laundromaty in a race to keep your clothes washed until Monday morning arrives. Let someone else take care of things for you and kick your heels up for some fun and relaxing before it’s time to get back to work.

7. It Provides One-stop Services

Another convenient feature of laundry companies is that they are able to provide multiple facilities under one roof. Not only can they pick up your dirty laundry, disinfect them, and carry them back to your home when they’re done, you may still opt to get your clothes pressed, mended, and several other services that your community service might provide. It’s always good to be able to perform a couple of things in one place.

8. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Professional cleaning facilities often provide washing and drying that is more eco conscious than what you would do at home. Their giant machines also need less water to do their work, and more laundry can be washed at one time, minimising the amount of loads required. High-powered dryers also minimise drying time by consuming less electricity and drying the laundry more quickly.

Full Service Laundry: Make the Change To Scrubs Laundry

It’s time-consuming, expensive, and not a lot of fun to do your own laundry. When you outsource this job and opt for a full-service laundry service, you’re buying your time back at a very small amount.

Is it time for you to take the plunge and turn to a full-service laundry service like Scrubs Laundry? Check out our options today for a laundry service that’s perfect for you, or contact us for more details!