5 Tips To Keep Your Laundry Clean

You’ve undoubtedly heard it over and over again – that these are unprecedented times. The impact is far reaching, from the economy, to food, to social contact, the clothes we wear and more. One of the important elements in staying healthy this spring is keeping your living spaces clean. Regular cleaning of surfaces as well as clothes is key to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Whether you’re cleaning your clothes at home or at a laundromat, here are 5 tips for you to follow: 

1. Wash items according to the directions 

Having the directions, temperature and wash cycle correct is important if you want to see better laundry outcomes, and can also avoid harm to your clothing. The clothes washing symbols below will give you an indication of the temperature, shown by the number of dots in the water sign in the bathtub, whereas the various cycle forms are represented by a bathtub with one or two lines drawn under it.

2. Use the right amount of soap 

Too little or too much detergent also leads to bad laundry outcomes. Whether it’s the washer you’re using or the size of the load, not all of the laundry is equal, so it’s crucial to get the right dosage for your wash.

3. The hotter the wash, the better

Hot water has the most washing capacity because it accelerates the chemical reaction of the detergent. If you want to make sure that your clothes smell clean and fresh the next day, wash them in hot water.

4. Use the dryer

From separately pegging wet clothes to a clothesline or a post, to waiting for them to dry, your clean laundry is often exposed to the elements and can collect dust and debris found in the air. Enjoy the ease of cleaning, drying and storing clean clothes in the closet directly for use with a dryer, no matter the size of your laundry load.

5. Do not shake dirty laundry

If you lean against high-touch surfaces that might have been exposed to COVID-19, there might be a better risk that your clothes may harbour the virus. While cleaning your clothes is a great way to get the virus off your clothes, you should refrain from shaking or excessively moving the clothes before they’re washed as you might spread the virus in the air. 

Remember, clean and disinfect any items like baskets or hampers and wash your hands regularly. During this challenging period, social distancing by washing your clothes at home is best. If that is not possible for you, a laundromat may be the next best. 

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